UPSers Employee Discounts

All the UPS employees can avail the offers, and discounts while buying the products online through UPSers. All the registered employees are eligible for the discount. You can log in to your UPSers account with the User ID and password. You should have agreed to all the terms and conditions before logging in UPSers. The official UPS website is

UPSers Employee Login

The benefits are given to the employees based on their performance and a few other factors. All the eligible employees can save a lot using UPSers discounts and offers. The employees also get discounts on shipping services.

UPSers Employee Discount Agreement

  • Employee Discount Eligibility:- All the employees that used to work in UPS and those who are currently working are eligible for UPSers employee discount.
  • Payment:- All the employees have to pay the charges they owe within the given time limit by UPS.
  • Incentives:- The discounts are given by UPS based on the norms of UPS. You can use the incentive for personal use, household use but you are not allowed to resell or share the incentives.
  • The term, Modification, Termination:- The day you click on ‘Next’ and continue with your employee discount registration by accepting the terms and conditions, the agreement is effective.
  • Terms and Conditions of Service:- UPS can change the terms and conditions as per their choice without notice.
  • Electronic Shipping, & Shipping Location:- To obtain the incentive, you are required to use a UPS Automated Shipping System. The employees need to leave all the packages in the mailroom. The incentives are not applicable to packages from other locations.
  • Confidentiality:- The employees are bounded to keep the terms and conditions of the agreement confidential. This also includes the Incentives, Terms and Conditions, and Rates.  

How To Check UPSers Employee Discounts?

  • Go to the UPSers online portal,
  • On the login page, enter your login credentials in the respective fields.
  • When you are logged in look for the ‘My Life And Career’ option.
  • In that category, find and click on the option named ‘Discounts and UPS Merchandise’.
  • Tap on the ‘SmartSavings Discount MarketPlace’ option.
  • Select view and you will be able to view and access all the discounts.

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